ITerago mainly provides IT consulting, IT education, and software development services.

_con2IT consulting services

ITerago’s IT consulting services offers various technology consulting services, which provide support for IT problem solving, as well as business process consulting services, to support seamless integration of IT and business.

eduIT education and training services

It is often hard to rapidly learn concepts, develop skills and gain the experience to master software design and development. ITerago’s IT education and training services offer training that helps you meet all of your IT skills building needs, whether about development in general, specific technologies, modern methodologies or state of the art tools.

_csdioCustom software development and Outsourcing

ITerago’s team offers custom software development and outsourcing services, based on a wide understanding of enterprise software platforms, as well as technology and business know-how. We can provide a complete software development lifecycle service, from the concept or idea to the final product or service in production.

Quick info

ITerago d.o.o.
Address: Ante Pandakovića 15
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 91 535 1189
OIB / VAT: 91653427845
IBAN: HR2023600001102324597

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