Custom software development

3d roter kugel ganz vorneWhen packaged solutions fall short, custom solutions become a necessity.

Custom software development and outsourcing

ITerago has know-how of a various software platforms, which enables us to provide our customers with a complete life cycle of software development, including:

  • project and change management
  • requirement and business analysis
  • research and modeling
  • project planning and management
  • solutions design, development and implementation
  • education and training
  • support and maintenance

ITerago also provides outsourcing services of projects and human resources that cut your costs, including:

  • outsourcing of a whole project or just some portions
  • offsite or onsite
  • supporting some phases or entire projects
  • providing some roles in development team or all of them
  • in homogenous or hybrid teams

ITerago’s team consists of highly educated professionals with excellent service performance, which are all skilled experts in various IT technologies, enabling us to offer high-quality, efficient and reliable business IT solutions. They have specialized in certain areas of IT and/or business, and we use them also to provide IT consulting services, as a valuable asset to the process of improving our client’s  IT solutions.

Our team members have participated and gained know-how and experience on numerous enterprise-scale IT projects, and are trained to help our customers in all and every stage of theirs solutions lifecycle. Their skills include:

  • general and specific IT problem solving
  • business process analysis and development of IT business strategy
  • application of design and development methodologies
  • architecture and system design guidelines
  • project management
  • research and feasibility studies
  • specialist knowledge of tools and technologies

We emphasize all of the knowledge stated also in detail in our IT education services, including:

  • programming concepts and standards
  • programming languages
  • software platforms and technologies
  • software and system design and modelling and design patterns
  • development methodologies and techniques – particularly agile
  • business processes (using BPMN 2.0)
  • IDEs and development tools
  • relational databases and NoSQL databases
  • XML and related technologies
  • application servers
  • office suites

Whatever your needs are, we have a custom solutions for your custom needs​​.

Java EE web solutions

To deliver a software solutions tailored to our customers needs and requirements ITerago mostly relies on the latest Java EE and web technologies in creation of modern enterprise web and desktop applications.

Our applications are built on standard Java SE / EE and related technologies, like Spring MVC, JSF, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, as well as other complementary technologies, including XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, XML, XSL, Web Services, REST, SOA and UML.

We provide our solutions built on top of well known application servers like TomEE, GlassFish, WebSphere, WebLogic and/or JBoss/WildFly, and can connect to various databases, reporting engines and other heterogeneous modules (e.g. C++, PL/SQL, Panther).

We also use modern agile development methodologies and tools, including Eclipse, IDEA, MyEclipse and IBM Rational products, as well as numerous supporting tools e.g. Jira, Maven, Jenkins, Hudson, Sonar, Subversion, Git etc.

Evolution Framework support


For rapid and highly efficient business web application development ITerago also uses Evolution Framework, a well-proven Java web framework from our partner Evolva, with a set of tools used for design, development, deployment, testing an monitoring.


Conversion of desktop Panther applications to Java web applications

We also support semi-automatic conversion of desktop Panther applications to Java web applications using Panther-to-Java-web converter, a software tool for conversion of old Panther forms to Java web forms, supported by Evolution Framework from our partner Evolva.

It allows a fast migration of desktop form layouts and the old code to a new environment, and converted forms can be further edited in a visual web-based editor and enriched with a wide selection of ready made or customized control sets. Converted applications can be further upgraded with modern business components and functionalities, such as business process management, workflow management, and document management.

Quick info

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